„Boundary Crossing and Participation.
Translation in Migration and Education.”

International conference of the research training group „Mediation and Translation in Transition“
31.03. – 01.04.2022 Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

The notions of globalization as well as digitalization carry the expectation that access will widen and distances will be bridged. The actual transformations, however, which we currently observe, do not imply a dissolution of boundaries. While spatial distances may shrink, linguistic and knowledge differences come to the fore all the more.

Translational practices address these differences with the aim to enable boundary crossing and to open up participation. The conference scrutinizes these practices and arrangements emerging along newly developing differences and barriers from a critical perspective, by discussing translation as a matter of boundary crossing and cross boundary coordination.

Based on contributions of experts form different countries and disciplines we highlight two fields of boundary work, which are both undergoing far-reaching transformations: migration and the digitalization of education. By looking at these fields we observe and consider the ways in which translation enables and in which ways it challenges participation. This implies issues of dealing with sameness and difference and of negotiating knowledge across boundaries. In that sense, boundary‑work is always political and in need of ethical consideration.
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Notes to the pandemic situation (Covid-19): even though we cannot predict if there will be travel and participation restrictions, we still plan the conference to take place locally in co-presence. As we are carefully watching the development of conditions, we will inform you as soon as possible when we are forced to switch to a virtual format.