Anne Vatter

Anne Vatter, M.A.

contact: anne.vatter [at]

Research Focus:
Effects of Translating Vocational Skills on the Integration of Migrants in the German Labour Market

In 2012, Germany introduced a new law to improve the assessment and recognition of vocational qualifications acquired abroad (Gesetz zur Verbesserung der Feststellung und Anerkennung im Ausland erworbener Berufsqualifikationen (BQFG)). This has laid the foundation for the further development and an increasingly formalised framework for the recognition of foreign qualifications. Against this background, this research project focuses on the specific process of integrating migrants with foreign professional qualifications into the German labour market. The research project will examine the mediation and translation practices of those involved in, for example, consultations, recognition bodies and further training organisations. It will also reflect on the impact these practices have on labour market integration.